Cognizant and SEEBURGER’s Managed File Transfer as a Service

Cognizant and SEEBURGER’s Managed File Transfer as a Service

Offers Global Insurance Companies Best-In-Class Business Integration Solutions


The need for fast, secure file transfer services when onboarding new business partners integrating processes across organizational boundaries is something growing insurance businesses grapple with worldwide. The difficulties associated with modernizing existing B2B and file exchange architecture can keep IT departments pinned over long periods of time, with mixed results extending the process well beyond expected timelines and budgetary parameters.

Cognizant's recent experience in applying SEEBURGER's Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS) tool to the benefit of a large, global, insurance industry customer stands as an example of how the process might best be handled for minimum disruption and maximum results. This whitepaper outlines the program and offers key takeaways useful to anyone considering an improved business integration solution now or in the future.

Learn more about:

  • business challenges and opportunities.
  • SEEBURGER BIS for your integration tasks.
  • managed services.
  • an innovative implementation approach.
  • your key benefits.

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