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BIS Web User Interface
Training S-6050

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The Web UI, which replaces the classic Java frontend, is live and we want to show you how to work with it.
In this session, you will learn how to set up typical use cases in the B2B and Integration Solutions with the web-apps.


In this 3-hour session we will cover the following topics:

  • BIS Apps Introduction
  • User Management Service - Permissions
  • Control Center
  • Maptable Manager
  • Masterdata Navigator
  • Deployment Manager
  • Process Monitor
  • Message Tracking

User Interface

  Training S-6050
  3 hours
  €420 per person
  S-6000 or comparable skills required

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The session assumes that you are already familiar with the classic Java frontend or already working with the Web UI and have appropriate BIS base knowledge.
The training will take place on a system running at least BIS version 6.7.154 and our current B2B and Integration Solutions.

Why use BIS Web UI?

Enhanced security

No Java webstart required while meeting stringent customer security standards


Faster than traditional frontends, ensuring efficient workflows

Intuitive navigation
  • Easily find what you need with a search bar
  • Clickable links between records
  • Shareable/bookmarkable URLs
  • Seamless navigation using keyboard shortcuts
Role-based access

Tailored user experience with multiple specialized apps instead of one app


Enjoy improved accessibility leveraging standard browser functionalities and eliminate the need for downloads and enhancing usability

Overall, the BIS Web UI not only enhances technical performance and functionality but also significantly improves usability and user experience, making integration tasks more efficient and accessible for both new and experienced users.