Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Optimize production with digital insights! Integrated production systems provide an increase in productivity, reduce operating costs and the number of errors. Event-related information is visible at every step of production, which allows issues to be solved before you can see them.

Optimize Customers' Shopping Experience with Our Omnichannel Approach

Optimize Customers' Shopping Experience with Our Omnichannel Approach

An omnichannel strategy uses all available sales channels, provides unique insights of the customer, and enables an individual buying experience anywhere, anytime.

Digital Transformation is No Longer Just Nice-to-Have

Digital Transformation is No Longer Just Nice-to-Have

Companies need to face the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation. The increasing correlation between distribution channels, innovative production and logistics solutions – as well as comprehensive customer services – are turning into a revolution in shopping.

Digital Transformation in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG/FMCG) Industry

Connect your suppliers. Synchronize in real time. Personalize your products and strengthen your customer relationships.

Online commerce plays an ever more important role in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. At the heart of this are e-commerce platforms, which ensure fast, transparent and secure data exchange by seamlessly connecting systems, devices and apps in real time via connectors and APIs.

The digital transformation of the supply chains in this fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry also enables automation, IoT device connectivity and data analytics.

The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is a platform with numerous tools and services to support digital transformation in the CPG/FMCG industry – whether in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises.

It’s a #Business Accelerator for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry:
Presenting the SEEBURGER CPG Solution for Automating Production and Digital Business Processes

More than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide rely on SEEBURGER

E-Commerce in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

More and more manufacturers are expanding their retail strategy with offerings on online marketplaces, and using connectors and APIs to integrate with e-commerce platforms. SEEBURGER integrates e-commerce systems such as online stores, CRM and payment systems, as well as online marketplaces, into a comprehensive digital ecosystem. The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite is the integration solution that links all your systems.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

From production to the end customer, consumer goods cover long distances. Digitalizing your supply chain from end to end increases efficiency and transparency and helps improve your planning. Real-time data transmission opens up entirely new avenues for differentiated data analysis, automation, production connectivity and IoT integration. The SEEBURGER CPG Solution integrates all business processes common for fast moving consumer goods, and all of the CPG industry on one platform.

Integrate your Online Shop with your ERP System

Once your online store is seamlessly integrated with your ERP software, your product, customer and transaction information will be permanently up to date in both systems. Any changes you make in the backend automatically appear to your customers browsing your online shop. Seamless integration also improves and streamlines procurement, logistics, administration and customer service. If you also integrate a PIM or PDM system, you can automatically enrich master data with design elements such as photos or videos.

Personalize your Customers’ Shopping Experience

For consumer goods companies in particular, digitalization opens up many avenues to offer your customers a highly personalized shopping experience and better customer orientation. After all, customers now expect individualized discounts and their individual preferences on packaging and delivery options to be automatically registered. All of this is only possible if underpinned by reliable underlying processes. The SEEBURGER BIS provides a strong foundation for this, complete with an extensive rule engine, the ability to manage structured and unstructured data, API integration, information and process management, and to integrate your ERP system.

Efficient distribution processing – B2B communication automated with SAP S/4HANA

The worldwide consolidation of global EDI systems in the SEEBURGER Cloud together with the SAP S/4HANA migration and data warehouse integration ensure greater efficiency in distribution processing.

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Automated Multichannel Sales – It’s Every Retailer’s Dream

There are many good reasons for following a multichannel strategy. You may be starting out with e-commerce or wanting to increase brand awareness. Maybe you are entering new markets, or wanting to gather customer information to optimize future sales activities and product development. In most cases, following a multichannel strategy is a compelling way to enable a multi-faceted customer journey, which drives revenues and often leads to your own online shop.

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