Hybrid Integration Platform: Combining on-premises flexibility with a more predictable cloud solution as dictated by needs

Combining on-premises flexibility with a predictable cloud solution

SEEBURGER provides the world’s most complete Hybrid Integration Platform to power all your connections from traditional EDI and MFT to delivering your digital business transformation.


We deploy in the Cloud, on-premises, and or Hybrid scenarios based on your resource and budget constraints.

Hybrid Integration Platform

Add More Value to your Digital Business Processing Infrastructure by becoming Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) ready

Your Challenge

Staying competitive in your industry in face of ever changing global regulations. These regulations from governments, partners, suppliers, and customers are changing rapidly. Further, keeping up with this change while streamlining business processes so everyone in your business ecosystem can be successful. In order to meet the demands you need to evolve from dated or incomplete integration software solutions, and approach the market with a new integration strategy. One that can be quickly implemented as part of a long term strategic digital business vision and position you to handle this wave of change.


Our Plan

To help you become rapidly HIP ready and enable you to become more connected to your evolving trading relationships. By powering your connections we will bridge the budget gap and streamlining systems while squeezing out excess costs from the existing operating budget (e.g. VAN, Services, and Maintenance). As an example you can consolidate and modernize antiquated legacy EDI and other B2B tools which are preventing your organization from being nimble and responsive to hybrid integration request while protecting existing trading scenarios. Many companies are planning this in the next 12 - 18 months as current infrastructures lose support.


You can drive the following benefits and advantages for your company with SEEBURGER by


  • Providing you with a unified platform for innovation that can respond quickly to changing global trading ecosystems driven by new business models and activities like mergers and acquisitions.
  • Incorporating integrated processes with human intervention making existing business transactions more efficient. Regradless if they are electronic (i.e. EDI or Webservices) or paper based. 
  • Adding Secure Managed File Transfer to your B2B capabilities. Bringing all Human or System Based transfers into compliance and meeting mandates to eliminate legacy FTP and Email exposure. Helping prevent data breeches that concern all companies in your industries.
  • Providing visibility to all transfers and transactions across trading partner comminutes and into your ERP.


With SEEBURGER you can deploy the solutions in the model that makes sense for you whether; Cloud, on-premises, or Hybrid delivery. These flexible delivery options also help with budget and resource constraints.

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