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Supplier Portal Service

Companies still exchanging their documents paper-based with their suppliers face disadvantages, such as transaction costs, need for clarification and time-intensive and error-prone document management.

SEEBURGER offers a WebEDI portal, a managed cloud service, to integrate your non-EDI enabled suppliers into your EDI infrastructure with the Supplier Portal Service. Your suppliers can receive your orders, create the follow-up documents and send them back to you, helping you save time and reduce costs in a secure and efficient manner.

SEEBURGER offers you reliable and professional data center operations with multi-certified security, detailed service level agreements and proven escalation management among other benefits.

  • Short-term archive in the WebEDI portal for a month
  • Easily create follow-up documents using the turn around process to reduce processing time
  • Graphic presentation of document relations
  • Order overview with detailed process progress and deadlines
  • Flexible configuration of user interface
  • Packaging information and label print for easy delivery tracking

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SEEBURGER Cloud Services

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