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Get More Transparency in SAP S/4HANA
With the SEEBURGER Console

How can you best keep track of time-critical documents in SAP?

When delays in EDI processing cause a business standstill, deadline breach and high costs, such as penalties, production downtime, issue handling, then your IT needs one  consolidated view so that they can react instantly. SEEBURGER Console, an SAP solution extension from SEEBURGER can be the answer.

With the SEEBURGER Console, business users can electronically track and process incoming and outgoing documents in their SAP system, monitor processing times and immediately react to problems based on automated alerts. This allows for full transparency about all iDocs to be processed. This is extremely vital when it comes to time-sensitive processes where erroneous, late, or missing EDI messages, such as ASNs, JIT messages, may result in penalties or sanctions.

In this webcast on-demand, you will learn more about SEEBURGER Solution extensions for SAP. We will specifically introduce the SEEBURGER Console in SAP to you in a live demo.

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