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5 Principles For Your EDI Success

5 principles that you must meet to master the digital revolution in the industry – electronic data interchange secures entrepreneurial competitiveness.

Your way to EDI

What is EDI?
Companies share standardized messages electronically. Data interchange between business partners takes place automatically. This process is known as Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

For most companies, electronic data interchange (EDI) is the first step towards automated B2B-processes. In the medium term, companies should plan on further optimization steps. This can be done either towards the up- or downstream processes. Additional savings can be achieved by paper-less automation of all trading processes.

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  • What role does many years of experience play?
  • Where can I access such experience?
  • What are the advantages of a central platform for digital transformation compared to point-to-point connections? How to avoid isolated solutions?
  • Which security standards make sense?
  • How do I achieve stability in a 24/7 operation?


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